Lambda Omicron's members are very diverse, yet extremely cohesive. One of our greatest accomplishments in the 3 years that we have been on Boise State's campus, is how tight of a bond we have been able to build. Whether it is roller skating as a chapter at a local rink, enjoying a "Bob Ross" painting sisterhood event on the quad on our campus, or playing Kahoots over Zoom while we eat our DoorDashed meals, connections are always being formed. 

Most of our members remember some of their first sisterhood's as the time they really felt at home in ZTA. It is so rewarding being able to go do an activity that one of your sisters curated, and know that you will get to spend time with women you already have something in common with. This gives girls the chance to take a break from stressors in their life and relish in the experience that is collegiate sisterhood. 

In recent times where the internet is our main source of interaction, the sisterhood connections of ZTA don't stop. Lambda Omicron has been able to find ways for our chapter to interact and still get the same benefits that our previous in-person interactions would have created. Two of the sisterhood events in January were game night and brunch with our chapter. For game night a zoom link was sent out and we spent our night playing online games such as crazy eights and Skribbl. We had a blast being able to enjoy our time together and let our competitive sides show their face! The following Saturday the girls who could attend were sent a DoorDash gift card to get themselves a delicious brunch of their choice. When it all arrived at our respective homes, all of us girls got on a zoom and played Kahoots about The Bachelor, Disney movies, and 2000s songs. Even though we weren't all in the same physical room, the energy of the members there were felt. Yes, times are uncertain and we are not exactly used to how everything is being done. But yes, we are still having an incredible time with our sisters, and are continuing to come up with more and more ways to enjoy our year together!



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